DLT in public administration and government

On 29th of November FinTech Poland together with British Embassy organized a meeting with co-authors of a report „Distributed Ledger Technology – beyond blockchain” prepared for UK Prime Minister overseen by his Chief Science Officer. The meeting was supported by NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network).

The report describes the technology, its potential applications in government and administration, and includes eight recommendations for the government on how to support development and adoption of this emerging technology, with special ficus on testing, regulations and socializing new technologies across administration and industry. 

The objective is to develop relations and spark a dialog with scientific and business technology communities in Poland and the UK, to be able to help Polish govermnent to implement and adaprt blockchain/DLT in a quick, already proved way of British best practices.  Public administration attitude and good example will set an example and lead the business adoption. 

During the meeting, we will discuss how to successfully build a vibrant, dynamic innovation ecosystem for financial and transactional technologies, leveraging Brotosh experience and best practices. The guests will also demonstrate how to put public data (including Polish) on blockchains. 

Guests of the meeting:

Martin Glasspool – Team Leader, Trade & Finance, Government Office for Science, Go Science. Co-author of the report, responsible for scientific activities supporting government within finance and trade. 

Dr Phil Godsiff – Senior Research Fellow, Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. Leading expert on blockchain in the UK. the report adviser. Engaged in Treasury around digital currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

Patrick Curry, Director, British Business Federation Authority (BBFA). Specializes in identity management and trust services. Participates in government projects related to digital trust mechanisms, data privacy and digital identity management.

The event is targeted to public administration and its supporting bodies for digitization processes and it’s followed by Blockchain Summit next day, also organized by FinTech Poland and British Embassy, – an open event on business applications of blockchain/DLT.