Our mission is to make Poland regional hub for financial and value transfer innovations. To achieve it, we need to actively support the development of fintech ecosystem, with a particular focus on transactional technologies.

FinTech is a fundamental piece of digital economy and it has the potential to become a main growth engine for Polish economy. Poland’s profile allows us now to join regional fintech competition: we can become leading financial and transactional innovation hub within the region.

We believe that vibrant innovation ecosystem is key to achieving this goal. Friendly regulatory framework is crucial for startups and established financial companies in order to grow healthy. Together with innovation culture and access to venture capital, it may spark the technological breakthrough for the whole economy.  

Our goals


Supporting financial and transactional innovation through research, education and open market dialogue. Co-creation of new standards, supporting friendly regulation and legislation environments to let emerging value transfer tech develop freely. 


Exploring financial innovations and emerging transactional technologies, their potential analysis, new market phenomena research and strategic insights to effectively shape the market.


Innovation ecosystem means vibrant entrepreneurial community with sparkling innovation potential. Supporting the community is our common investment in future digital economy by bridging needs and capabilities of all stakeholders. 


Educational initiatives tailored for the needs of  C-Suite in areas of secure value transfer technologies, financial innovation, cybersecurity and cryptography. We explain blockchain/DLT meaning and potential.