Alior Bank joins the FinTech Poland Ecosystem


Alior Bank has joined forces with several other organizations which, together with the FinTech Poland Foundation, are implementing various projects aimed at developing services that utilize high-tech solutions. The Foundation’s ultimate purpose is to make Poland’s digital financial services industry strong and increase its rate of growth – this is to build a next-generation financial center in the country. Alior is another among several banks to become part of the initiative.

Alior Bank has been focusing on new technologies and using them to develop unique banking products and additional services. The bank also supports startups and innovative ideas through its accelerator program.

Now Alior Bank has become part of the FinTech Poland Ecosystem, which wants to increase the competitiveness of Poland’s market for financial innovations – also by making it more international. The Foundation wants to achieve this through increased cooperation designed to establish market standards, conduct regulatory dialogue at the national and European levels and identify barriers as well as opportunities for development.

– Alior Bank has long been involved in various activities designed to support the FinTech ecosystem – i.e., running an accelerator for startups or promoting educational initiatives related to financial innovation at leading universities. For us, participation in the FinTech Poland community is part of an important mission, one that revolves around increasing the innovativeness of the entire financial and payments industry in Poland. We’re extremely happy to be part of this project, especially since we believe it will ultimately make it possible to deliver new, exciting and valuable solutions to our customers,” says Kamila Wincenciak, Head of the Innovation and Fintech Department at Alior Bank.

The FinTech Poland Foundation was established in 2016 and is an independent think tank that specializes in issues related to digital finance. The ecosystem itself, on the other hand, was launched in September 2022 and now includes over 40 organizations – FinTechs, banks and other established financial institutions, technology companies as well as consulting firms.

– I am confident that the addition of a rapidly growing institution like Alior Bank to the FinTech Poland Ecosystem will have a positive effect and make it possible for us to implement more exciting and inspiring initiatives. I believe that – together – we will strengthen Poland’s digital financial industry – supporting the expansion of every kind of organization that does business in it. That cooperation and the jointly developed standards that result from it will, in turn, help the entire market grow faster,” says Paweł Widawski, CEO of FinTech Poland Foundation.