Blockchain basics in Polish – report

One of our goals is to me a market maker. We do it by supporting technologies that markets are based on. Blockchain/DLT is an important, emerging transactional technology and we dedicated the entire development program to it. Within the framework of the program, we do, inter alia, research and we identified a number of challenges and barriers for the tech adoption in Poland. Among others, Polish language resources, like specialized literature and research papers are painfully lacking. To address the problem, together with NASK we translated great British report “Distributed Ledger Technology – beyond block chain”, which has been written by a team of industry experts and scientists, under the control of Chief Scientific Adviser for Prime Minister of the UK. Last year in November, we held a special blockchain/DLT summit with four co-authors of the report. More can be found here.

The report presents technology background and puts it within the context of public administration and strategic economy sectors. Exceptional, substantive knowledge is served in digestible manner – it’s not only interesting but also easy to read. In order to drive adoption of blockchain/DLT, we need to popularize it and make people familiar with the basics. This report is a good way of doing this.

Highly recommended read for all: enthusiasts and skeptics too – it’s worth your time anyway.

Download Polish version of the report.