FinTech Poland report – New Generation Financial Center


We invite you to read the report of the New Generation Financial Center. Opportunities and challenges for Poland, prepared by FinTech Poland together with Polityka Insight and Mastercard Advisors and with the participation of ImpactCEE and ABSL Poland.

This document is an analysis of the possibility of establishing a New Generation Financial Center in Poland, as well as a list of the most important recommendations necessary to be implemented.

The goal of building a new generation financial center in Poland requires the optimization of the state’s approach, and in particular regulators and supervisors, to critical technologies that constitute the nervous system of the modern financial sector and the modern economy. Cloud computing is such a technology, therefore activities to popularize this technology in the domestic financial sector but also in public administration, including the financial supervision authority, should be part of a broader strategy of building a new generation financial center in Poland. In this regard, it is necessary to further optimize the supervisory authority’s approach to cloud-based implementations, respecting the guidelines of European financial regulators and supported by national regulations, including those related to outsourcing of banking services.

The full text of the report can be downloaded from the link