Map of European fintech companies


In its Digital Finance Strategy of 2020, the European Commission committed to set up in close cooperation with the European Supervisory Authorities, a new Platform aiming to connect digital finance stakeholders and public authorities across the EU on an on-going basis.

The platform shall have three components:
1) Digital Finance Observatory devoted to data collection on events, regulation and the ecosystem (launch in April 2022)
2) Cross-Border Testing framework (launch later in 2022).
3) Data Hub (under discussion).

Digital Finance Observatory, the first component, will include a map of European fintech companies.

FinTech Poland was asked to help the populate the map so together with and therefore we are addressing you to provide us with brief information about your company that we will later share with the European Commission. The Commission is only asking for basic data that will be put on an interactive map (target address will be:

It will be an opportunity for you to present your company to a wider European public.

Filling up the form will not take more than approximately 10 minutes. Please complete the form by April 4, 2022.