Partnership with KIR


Another unique company joins the FinTech Poland community. That s good news since the goal of our initiative is ambitious: to effectively integrate the financial innovation environment in Poland. The only way to achieve this is increased cooperation between fintechs, banks, and other mature institutions, which will lead to dynamic development and empowerment of the sector.

KIR, which is not only a key player in the infrastructure of the Polish payment system but also a sector technology hub and provider of digital solutions for banking, the economy, and the government has become a new Partner of the FinTech Poland Ecosystem.

– Designing the services provided by KIR, we focus on the application of leading technologies, with full responsibility for the quality and security of the implemented solutions. We actively contribute to raising the level of digitalization of processes, both in the commercial and public administration fields. For years we’ve been involved in innovative projects and like to share our know-how and experience. We believe that integrating the fintech community in Poland can speed up the development of modern services significantly. The community of FinTech Poland is the best place for quality discussions” says Piotr Alicki, CEO of KIR.

– KIR in the FinTech Poland Ecosystem brings great value. I believe it will provide a lot of relevant, interesting insights. On the other hand, I think we have a lot to offer our new Partner. Together, we are building an ecosystem that is expected to operate efficiently and connect all players in the digital finance sector, from fintech startups in the seed and scale-up phases, to providers of disruptive financial technologies, to large financial institutions and technology companies, as well as representatives of regulators and supervisors. This will allow us to build a modern financial sector open to the challenges of a demanding future in the long run,” says Pawel Widawski, President of the FinTech Poland Foundation.

The goal of the Fintech Poland Ecosystem is to increase the competitiveness and internationalization of the Polish financial innovation market by undertaking joint initiatives, creating market standards, conducting regulatory dialogue at the national and European levels, and jointly identifying barriers and opportunities for development. Interaction between market participants will be guaranteed by seminars and conferences hosted together, meet-ups, and work in working groups, two of which deal with the regulatory area and are starting soon.

Launched two months ago, the initiative now already has 20 members. In October, in add’ tion to KIR, Visiona, Wealthon and Fenige, among others, joined.



KIR, as a banking sector infrastructure entity, has been responsible for the maintenance and development of interbank settlement systems for 30 years. More information about the company’s activities, since its establishment on the initiative of the National Bank of Poland, the Polish Bank Association and 16 commercial banks, can be found here:

KIR also serves as a technological integrator of solutions supporting the construction of the digital economy. It creates solutions for secure information exchange and open banking, electronic identification tools and trust services: remote identity confirmation – myID and qualified electronic signature – mSzafir. Among the company’s latest projects are a durable carrier, based on a unique combination of blockchain technology, WORM matrix, cloud solutions and trust services, and a free Blockchain Sandbox for testing and accelerating business ideas.

Using the latest technologies, KIR provides services that effectively help business partners unlock the potential of their projects and implement innovations.

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