PKO Bank Polski is now a strategic partner of the FinTech Poland Ecosystem


PKO Bank Polski has joined the FinTech Poland community and – joining forces with the organization – will take part in various activities designed to support the development of innovative tech-based services. The community was established for the purpose of bringing together key players in the Polish market involved in the financial innovation process at various levels. It encourages and creates opportunities for better cooperation between FinTechs, banks and other member organizations.

The objective of the Fintech Poland ecosystem is to make the market for financial innovation in Poland more completive and international. This is achieved through various joint initiatives that identify development barriers, create standards, and conduct regulatory dialogue at the national and European levels. By organizing seminars, conferences, meetups and working groups the community facilitates interaction between market participants. The FinTech Poland ecosystem was launched in September 2022 and already has more than 30 members.

“PKO Bank Polski is the leading institution in Poland’s banking industry and a mature organization. In our day-to-day work, we pay lots of attention to developing technological innovations that streamline our internal processes and help deliver added value to our customers. The scale of the bank’s operations, our openness to innovation and the wide range of tech solutions we use are definite strengths – and factors that have no doubt, for years, encouraged startups and FinTechs from all over the world to work with us. We want to make even more effective use of our experience in financial innovation and support the local FinTech community to a greater extent. That’s why we decided to join FinTech Poland”, comments Marek Myszka, Head of Innovation, PKO Bank Polski

“The fact that the largest Polish bank, which is also one of the most innovative players in its industry, has joined our community sends a very important message to the market. It not only proves that Fintech Poland is doing something right but also confirms the need for cooperation and dialogue between all the players in the digital financial services market. I am convinced that PKO Bank Polski’s active involvement in the FinTech Poland ecosystem will significantly increase our chance of success in everything we do. That means that this news – first and foremost – makes the financial innovation industry in Poland stronger”, says Paweł Widawski, President of the FinTech Poland Foundation.