Polish FinTechs at London Stock Exchange


On Thursday 20 June close to 100 participants of the FinTech Poland conference met at London Stock Exchange to discuss the Future Finance Poland initiative aimed at building a new-generation financial center. The event acted as an opportunity to showcase representatives of the Polish FinTech and innovation sectors.

Provided that specific measures will be applied, in the next 4-5 years Poland has the potential to join the group of the world’s top 30 most competitive financial centers. The promotion of Polish innovations abroad is among the key prerequisites.

For the Polish FinTech sector, geography is becoming a factor of key importance. Why is that? As the local FinTech market is already developing steadily and doing very well, challenges can be found abroad. Today only 18% of Polish FinTechs get better sales results in foreign markets. In other words, the time has come for a change, to take the next step and prepare for an international expansion. FinTechs’ signals clearly show that more companies are planning this course of action. Initiatives such as the one today will help them achieve this goal. Meeting in the world’s financial capital, we spotlight Poland to showcase the potential of our Ecosystem and to encourage cooperation, emphasized Paweł Widawski, President of FinTech Poland, at the London event.

Attended by representatives of the two markets, the highlight of the meeting involved presentations of solutions developed by Polish companies, accompanied by panel discussions on building synergy between British and Polish financial ecosystems.

With PKO Bank Polski as its leading partner, the Polish delegation included Kontomatik, Alior Bank SA, VISIONA, Verestro, Inperly, Faktoria Sp. z o.o. Grupa Nest Bank, RiskBite Sp. z o.o. and BLIK. Organized by the FinTech Poland Foundation, the event was held under the patronage of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Polish Embassy in London, and British Embassy Warsaw.