SuperVision FinTech Talks – Cloud computing


On November 18, the second SuperVision FinTech Talks webinar was recorded, which was then published on the website on November 30, the webinar was devoted to the issue of open banking. The main topic of the webinar was the strategic vision and current regulatory issues of cloud computing. This number continues to grow as webinars are open to anyone interested in fintech and innovation.

Well-known experts related to the fintech sector were invited to the debate in the discussion panel – Zbigniew Jacek Wiliński – Director of the Financial Innovation Department, FinTech, UKNF, Sławomir Flis – Managing Director of the Innovation and Technology Division, UKNF, Justyna Orlowska – Prime Minister’s Plenipotentiary for GovTech, GovTech Poland, prof. UEK Jan Byrski, PhD hab. Byrski – Partner, Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners, Michał Jaworski – Member of the Management Board, Microsoft, Marcin Dzienniak – Formation Director of Cloud Center of Excellence, PKO Bank Polski, Michał Kaczorowski – Senior Legal Counsel, Google Poland. The role of moderator was assumed by Piotr Brewiński – Vice President of the Board of the FinTech Poland Foundation.

As part of the discussion, the consequences of issuing the KNF announcement in the area of ​​the use of the cloud computing environment by regulated entities were analyzed. In this regard, the PFSA Office experts expressed their opinions in the context of the increased interest of entities supervised in cloud environments. The subject of the identified goals of the supervision in connection with the issued position was also discussed, including from the point of view of the fintech financial innovation department. The UKNF experts also discussed the key aspects that make it possible to distinguish between different types of cloud environments. Representatives of cloud service providers discussed how the change related to the published message influenced the number of projects that are implemented on the market and how their approach to migration in this type of environment is shaped. It also discussed the values ​​that customers of cloud service providers are looking for and what challenges they face in the event of migration.

According to Michał Jaworski, Member of the Management Board of Microsoft Sp. z o.o., the announcement was prepared very carefully by the KNF Office. “The January announcement this year was prepared through a very extensive consultation process. As a result, supervised entities could receive rules under which they started moving to the cloud ”- sums up Michał Jaworski. This opinion is also shared by Michał Kaczorowski – Senior Legal Counsel at Google. “Cloud transition projects have been prepared by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in advance. At the time of the publication of the communication, these projects were indeed in the implementation phase. I believe that it was a very good signal that the regulator sent to the market, ”adds Michał Kaczorowski.