The third FinTech Poland community meetup


The topic of our last meetup was “How to scale FinTech activity using partnerships?”. In a digital economy, FinTech offers interesting partnership prospects for any company looking to expand its business. According to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech – a biennial report on global fintech investment trends – global investment in FinTechs reached $105 billion in 2020. This was the third-highest value in history. Partnerships can significantly accelerate growth and help overcome the challenges related to business expansion. Not only can they play a meaningful part in elevating a company’s reputation in a given market, adding to its credibility, but they can also help discover new customer segments. That said, the success of a partnership depends on a lot more than signing an agreement. Effective collaboration requires both parties to carefully align target customers, company culture, strategic objectives and overall vision.

That is exactly what our panelists РMadalena Cascais Tom̩, CEO of SIBS Group, Krzysztof Czuba, CCO of Vodeno, Rafal Czernik, Director of Consumer Financial Services at Allegro and Dariusz Mazurkiewicz. CEO of BLIK talked about.

You can find photos of the event here.